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GRP recently produced the 26th Annual Private Equity CFO conference for the venture capital group of a large international bank. This was the fourth time GRP was asked to produce this event and this year's program provided a few challenges.

The location selected for this year's conference had hosted the event with good results in the past but is a small boutique property. Since it hosted the event last, the conference has grown in both attendance and size and scale of its AV and staging requirements. The increased conference attendance placed a severe strain on the properties only ballroom. The first challenge involved designing an AV and staging setup that would work with the increased attendance as well as the space available in the ballroom. A second challenge was that the property was on the other side of the country and a tight AV budget eliminated the possibility of a site visit.

However, working closely with the venue conference staff, GRP created several possible looks and setup arrangements which were then reviewed by the venue. Photos and floor plans were regularly exchanged and in some cases the venue created mock setups to test the viability of the GRP CAD drawings. Ultimately the final design as achieved. One which met all the client, production and venue requirements.

Moving away from a parade of Powerpoints, the conference format consisted primarily of panel discussions, with each topic having 2-5 panelists. Any presenter content was displayed on two side screens. Five 60” monitors were mounted behind the stage so that each monitor appeared suspended above each panel chair. The monitor content was composed of a number of sources and types and ranged from full motion videos that played in synchronization across all five monitors,  to panel topic graphics, speaker identification graphics and presenting company logos. Each individual element needed to be placed on any one of the five monitors at any given time. GRP worked with designers, graphic artists and technicians to ensure all the presentation elements worked flawlessly. 

The conference went very smoothly and the client was very pleased with the result.


GRP was asked to provide onstte management of a National Townhall for a financial services firm. Previous townhalls has originated from the companies corporate offices in New Jersey. This townhall was to take place in one of their offices in Pasadena, CA.

This presented a number of challenges. First the switch to Pasadena was made with short notice. The location had never hosted a townhall before and there was little information on it's suitability, setup and infrastructure. In addition, the production window was very short – fly to CA from NY, meet with the AV provider at the site and manage the setup, work with the communications team from the company to make sure everything was in place and ready. The next morning run a final test of the setup, host the townhall and then fly back to NY.

In order to pull this off precise timing, organization and coordination was required. Working with the production company, a CA AV provider was contracted. They were able to do a site server and send photos, diagrams and specifications for the location. From there, GRP, the production company and the AV provider were able to develop a workable plan to ensure a successful townhall. Ultimately, the careful planning paid off and the entire event worked like clockwork. The first offsite townhall was a resounding success for the client.


For the seventh consecutive year, GRP designed, produced and managed the annual three day Banking and Financial Services Companies conference for a large financial services company. This year's conference presented GRP with a unique challenge. After two days of three concurrent general sessions, the three ballrooms had to be struck in an hour, the equipment and set's reconfigured and the reconfigured setups rebuilt in two new meeting rooms for the start of the final day of presentations. GRP's extensive experience, detailed planning, and flawless execution enabled the transition to go as planned and to have both new rooms ready to go at the start of the final day.

For the seventh consecutive year, GRP provided production management for the Australia Investment Conference for a large multi-national financial services company. This annual event brings CEO's from 40 of the largest Australian companies to New York for a 2 day conference. While once again taking place in the New York Palace, this years event had to be redesigned to accommodate changes to the program format and the use of different meeting spaces. GRP has produced numerous events at the Palace and as a result was able to draw upon extensive resources to create new AV and staging packages that met the clients budget and expectations.

Sunny Southern California was the site for this year's Private Equity CFO conference for a large financial services company. For the second consecutive year GRP produced this annual conference. Although larger than past years, the host still wanted to maintain a smaller, more intimate environment to encourage an ongoing dialogue between the participants and presenters.

GRP designed a two screen setup with a low thrust stage and an informal seating area which matched the meeting's need. For the first time, this year's conference employed a live interactive audience response system to allow great audience participation, provide instant feedback, and allow presentations to be tailored to better address the questions and concerns of the audience.

In addition to the general session, GRP designed and managed a rotating series of breakout meetings involving multiple rooms and multiple sessions throughout the conference.

The Transportation conference is typically a large, well attended event and this year's conference was no exception. Unique to this year was that the conference actually kicked off with a keynote dinner presentation for select investors in Midtown before the formal presentations began the next morning at a downtown location. The conference itself involved a day of concurrent presentations in two separate rooms, followed by a combined luncheon presentation and then returned to two separate sessions for the afternoon. The final day of the conference required a single combined meeting room. Once again, GRP designed and managed all of the production requirements and logistics for this event and even had to develop a last minute solution to allow attendees who were not able to be seated in the dining room due to an unexpectly large turnout to still hear and see the luncheon presentation.

Another small, single day, but very important investor conference for a major financial services company. GRP once again provided production design and onsite management to produce another flawless event.

Taking place at the same time as the Metals, Mining and Steel Conference in Florida was this single day conference in Midtown Manhattan. Once again GRP was called upon to provide production design and onsite support for two concurrent events in two different geographic locations and once again GRP was able to meet the challenge successfully.

Key Biscayne Florida was the site for this year's Metals, Mining and Steel Investor conference. This annual conference alternates between the United States and Europe. Each year the conference seems to get larger and this year was no exception. The three day conference required that the meeting rooms be reset each evening to accommodate the next days agenda. Two separate meeting rooms on day one, combining the two rooms into a single room for day two and then returning them to two separate rooms again for the final day. Due to budget cuts, the labor costs to affect the changes had to be kept to a minimum.

In addition the venue did not have enough breakout rooms to accommodate all of the smaller one on one meeting that had been scheduled, so GRP was called upon to design and provide room dividers to create additional meeting space.

To meet the need to change the room setup each evening, GRP paid careful attention to the design of set, stage and AV packages for both ballrooms to enable the rooms to be changed with minimal disruption to the basic setup. The design worked extremely well with all changes occurring without incident. The shortage of breakout space was an acute problem throughout the conference and GRP was continually called upon to find new ways to divide the existing rooms to create more space which we were able to do. Despite the challenges, the conference was well received and the host was very pleased.

For the third straight year, GRP was asked to provide production design and meeting support for the annual Canadian Credit Conference in Toronto. This year's event provided a few additional challenges. First since another event was in the meeting room, this year's conference would require an overnight setup. Second the AV budget for this year's event had been cut and third, the event was happening over the same week as the Technology Conference in New York.

To meet these new requirements, GRP redesigned the AV package for this year's program to provide the most cost effective AV solution. Drawing from their network of resourses GRP was able to assign a top producer/production manager to manage the production onsite and one of its local suppliers in Toronto to provide the crew and equipment. Working with the venue GRP was able to arrange a setup schedule which enbled the room to be ready when the conference began without the client incurring additional charges for the overnight setup.

The conference was very successful and GRP was able to deliver a quality, cost effective solution to meet the clients needs.

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