Private Equity CFO Conference


GRP recently produced the 26th Annual Private Equity CFO conference for the venture capital group of a large international bank. This was the fourth time GRP was asked to produce this event and this year's program provided a few challenges.

The location selected for this year's conference had hosted the event with good results in the past but is a small boutique property. Since it hosted the event last, the conference has grown in both attendance and size and scale of its AV and staging requirements. The increased conference attendance placed a severe strain on the properties only ballroom. The first challenge involved designing an AV and staging setup that would work with the increased attendance as well as the space available in the ballroom. A second challenge was that the property was on the other side of the country and a tight AV budget eliminated the possibility of a site visit.

However, working closely with the venue conference staff, GRP created several possible looks and setup arrangements which were then reviewed by the venue. Photos and floor plans were regularly exchanged and in some cases the venue created mock setups to test the viability of the GRP CAD drawings. Ultimately the final design as achieved. One which met all the client, production and venue requirements.

Moving away from a parade of Powerpoints, the conference format consisted primarily of panel discussions, with each topic having 2-5 panelists. Any presenter content was displayed on two side screens. Five 60” monitors were mounted behind the stage so that each monitor appeared suspended above each panel chair. The monitor content was composed of a number of sources and types and ranged from full motion videos that played in synchronization across all five monitors,  to panel topic graphics, speaker identification graphics and presenting company logos. Each individual element needed to be placed on any one of the five monitors at any given time. GRP worked with designers, graphic artists and technicians to ensure all the presentation elements worked flawlessly. 

The conference went very smoothly and the client was very pleased with the result.


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