California Townhall

GRP was asked to provide onstte management of a National Townhall for a financial services firm. Previous townhalls has originated from the companies corporate offices in New Jersey. This townhall was to take place in one of their offices in Pasadena, CA.

This presented a number of challenges. First the switch to Pasadena was made with short notice. The location had never hosted a townhall before and there was little information on it's suitability, setup and infrastructure. In addition, the production window was very short – fly to CA from NY, meet with the AV provider at the site and manage the setup, work with the communications team from the company to make sure everything was in place and ready. The next morning run a final test of the setup, host the townhall and then fly back to NY.

In order to pull this off precise timing, organization and coordination was required. Working with the production company, a CA AV provider was contracted. They were able to do a site server and send photos, diagrams and specifications for the location. From there, GRP, the production company and the AV provider were able to develop a workable plan to ensure a successful townhall. Ultimately, the careful planning paid off and the entire event worked like clockwork. The first offsite townhall was a resounding success for the client.


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