Investor Conference - Metals

Key Biscayne Florida was the site for this year's Metals, Mining and Steel Investor conference. This annual conference alternates between the United States and Europe. Each year the conference seems to get larger and this year was no exception. The three day conference required that the meeting rooms be reset each evening to accommodate the next days agenda. Two separate meeting rooms on day one, combining the two rooms into a single room for day two and then returning them to two separate rooms again for the final day. Due to budget cuts, the labor costs to affect the changes had to be kept to a minimum.

In addition the venue did not have enough breakout rooms to accommodate all of the smaller one on one meeting that had been scheduled, so GRP was called upon to design and provide room dividers to create additional meeting space.

To meet the need to change the room setup each evening, GRP paid careful attention to the design of set, stage and AV packages for both ballrooms to enable the rooms to be changed with minimal disruption to the basic setup. The design worked extremely well with all changes occurring without incident. The shortage of breakout space was an acute problem throughout the conference and GRP was continually called upon to find new ways to divide the existing rooms to create more space which we were able to do. Despite the challenges, the conference was well received and the host was very pleased.

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