Credit Conference - Canada

For the third straight year, GRP was asked to provide production design and meeting support for the annual Canadian Credit Conference in Toronto. This year's event provided a few additional challenges. First since another event was in the meeting room, this year's conference would require an overnight setup. Second the AV budget for this year's event had been cut and third, the event was happening over the same week as the Technology Conference in New York.

To meet these new requirements, GRP redesigned the AV package for this year's program to provide the most cost effective AV solution. Drawing from their network of resourses GRP was able to assign a top producer/production manager to manage the production onsite and one of its local suppliers in Toronto to provide the crew and equipment. Working with the venue GRP was able to arrange a setup schedule which enbled the room to be ready when the conference began without the client incurring additional charges for the overnight setup.

The conference was very successful and GRP was able to deliver a quality, cost effective solution to meet the clients needs.

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